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8th Oct 2014

Skype: (I'd prefer to keep this private for now, although I have it so if I get accepted I will tell you.), sorry.



What type of skills do you bring to the table: I have tons, and tons of experience of helping out. I'd bring lots of help with setting up plugins, as I have been staff on other servers before, all with terrible owners I must say, and I can just tell by the idea of this server that it would be much better.

Experience:Currently, I am admin on on 15 server, have been mod on 10 also owner on 5. I have lots of experience in setting up plugins. Some examples would be "Mob arena, Spleef, Group Manager, Permissions Ex, Core Protect, Essentials, World Edit, World Gaurd, Battle Arena, Creative Gates", and lots more. Even if I do not have experience in some plugins, I am always happy to find out how they work very quickly.

Why are you interested in this server: Just by looking at what the server will have, it gives me so many interests for the server, and memories. I love working with people, and helping them out. Even if it were to take up an hour to find somebody's lost home, I would do it.(And I have done it before)

What ideas do you have to bring to this server:I'm guessing a lot of things you already have, but here are some plugins "Needed!", and I feel that there should be no point in trying to apply unless you do not have them.

1.Core Protect(Or some other anti griefing plugin, but core protect is really one of the best ones out there I feel)

2.Group Manager(Or any other ranking plugin)

On a maturity level from 1/10, I would rate myself a 9. After all, who likes some super strict staff?

Example Scene:

Creepa1012132ude! Why did you kill me?
MeIsAwesome:I didn't! That was a skeleton!
Creepa102132:I saw you pick up my stuff, can I at least have it?
MeIsAwesome:No way! It's mine!
(Depending on the rules of the server, I would either)
1.Do /invsee MeIsAwesome, take all of Creepa's items, and then give them back to creepa.

2. Tell Creepa I'm sorry, but the rules of the server do say that taking items are allowed.

For a side note, I will not in any way abuse my powers, and the only command that I will use constantly would be the "Vanish Comamnd", so I can keep an eye on everybody, and to make sure they are not doing anything bad.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this, and if there is something that you wish to know, or something that you wish to be different in the application please to not hesitate to say so.

Thanks Smile

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8th Oct 2014

Owner: yes i pick you brah
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